Daycare Crisis


In a few weeks we are moving and I will be starting my job search. While the extra income may be fabulous, mentally I can honestly say that I am not ready!

I have many concerns, trust being the main one. I have spent everyday and almost every hour with her for the past 5 months. The thought of leaving her with anyone other than myself or dad is very overwhelming for me.

I am worried that this might be a traumatic experience for her, and me too of course. What if she doesn't receive enough attention or someone mistreats her? I will have to trust my instincts and stop by unannounced, frequently.

In any event, my ideal situation would be to stay home with her until she is a little over a year old. To do this I would need to find a job that allows me to work from home or I'll have to start my own business. I guess we will see what happens!

My Weekly Recap

First and foremost, welcome to my new blog!! This blog will be a mixture of my life as a parent, random Nia pictures/milestones, recipes and anything else I can think of! I like to think of myself as being pretty open, but if you came here looking for drama in my personal life, you will be highly disappointed! I love my SO very much, we may not be perfect and sure we have our ups and downs, but you will never catch me slandering our relationship online.

With that out the way lets move right along!

Last week Nia & I left to spend some time in Connecticut for my moms birthday. Dad was sad to see his princess go but I assured him we would be back soon!! (More like SHE would be back soon, dad wasn't really concerned about me LOL smh.)

For her birthday I made her an amazing breakfast. I found the recipe through My mom loved it and I couldn't get enough of! The only thing I can say it was missing would be powdered sugar. Other than that it was delicious!

The rest of our trip in Connecticut consisted of my mom buying an endless amount of clothes for Nia. She likes to refer to Nia as HER baby, lol which is completely fine with me! My mom does so much for us and I'm very grateful to have her.

We made our way back to Boston on Thursday. Boy was it hot or WHAT! Glad the heatwave is over, for now.

Friday I had an appointment with the OBGYN. I finally took the plunge and got the Mirena IUD. For months I wasn't sure if I wanted to get this IUD and procrastinated (pretending to do more "research" on other options.) In the end Mirena won. My doctor teased me saying Nia wanted another brother/sister. While that was funny...the thought of us having another child right now is pretty scary and we are certainly not prepared for that.

Sunday night I gave baby some kisses and left her with dad so I could go to the Rihanna concert. Our seats were 9 rows away from the stage & we even got an autographed t-shirt. Her set was amazing and the only time I sat down was before she came out. I danced the ENTIRE night.

It took me ALL day to type this post, shout out to Nia! What can I say, she keeps me busy!!

I hope you all had an amazing week.