7 Days..

This Monday Nia went to her first Red Sox game, shout out to Latrice! We had an amazing time and I am so grateful to have had that opportunity! Nia definitely had a great time and we plan to put the ticket stubs in her baby book!

I can't believe it's Thursday!! Time is seriously flying. For people who are moving we still have a lot of crap. People are coming by this weekend to pick up some stuff. Here is how I'd like for the next few days to go:

Monday we are throwing out pretty much anything, for trash day on Tuesday
Tuesday I'm hoping to have everything we are taking in boxes
Wednesday...Thursday the latest we should be bringing those boxes to UPS, returning cables boxes & etc to Comcast.
Thursday stay at my sisters

Lord...I hope this works out. Wish us luck!!

10 Days


This weekend was pretty awesome! My mom came up on Saturday morning and we went out for breakfast. After that we went to Carter's and that was madness! Too much cute stuff! We then went to our farewell soiree and had an amazing time! Our move is next week and I've decided to donate some of our furniture. We have a tight schedule and I need for everything to be gone and ready by next week! Hopefully we can stick to that schedule...not like we have much of a choice.

16 More Days!

I can't believe it's officially the 14th! This move is sneaking up on us and FAST. This past weekend my younger sister came up to spend some time with us before our move. I am just so happy to have her in my life. She promised to come visit us EVERY holiday. I am certainly looking forward to that.

My mom is coming up for the weekend. She is having a really hard time dealing with us moving. I can't really blame her. Like I've previously stated she has done a lot for us and it's really great to have her around. I am just really hoping this move is the right step for us as a family. Everything we do is for Nia's future and we want her to have the best so sacrifices must be made.

I finally started cleaning out our chaotic closet! The closets empty but now the living room and our bedroom look like a disaster zone. I'm in the process of organizing our clothes, the ones we are donating, what items we plan to take, things we are selling, the list goes on!

Below are a few pics from this weekend.


Anytime I go to blog something comes up. I was originally planning to talk about our move but I'm just not in the mood right now. The subject itself is pretty overwhelming for me and there are some really personal points that I'm not exactly ready to share with the internet world at this time.

However we did finalize the decision to move and we are leaving at the end of the month. I decided to make a schedule of some sort to help get our stuff ready to move. The only things we are planning to take with us are...Nia's pack & play, our tv, computers, game systems (wii, xbox, ps3) and clothes. This week my plan is to tackle our ridiculous closet and separate all of the clothes that we plan to take with us, the rest I'm donating!

Nia's clothes I may take to a boutique and sell them. Next week we are having a huge get together with our friends and my family...like a farewell party. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone but then again I'm sad to go.

Last week I went out ALONE and met up with my sister for lunch. I had a great time. This week I'm planning to do the same! Last Friday my boyfriend and I watched my niece (3) and my nephew (5 months old) for a few hours for my sister and bro in law.

Anyways I hope everyone is having a great week!