Daycare Crisis


In a few weeks we are moving and I will be starting my job search. While the extra income may be fabulous, mentally I can honestly say that I am not ready!

I have many concerns, trust being the main one. I have spent everyday and almost every hour with her for the past 5 months. The thought of leaving her with anyone other than myself or dad is very overwhelming for me.

I am worried that this might be a traumatic experience for her, and me too of course. What if she doesn't receive enough attention or someone mistreats her? I will have to trust my instincts and stop by unannounced, frequently.

In any event, my ideal situation would be to stay home with her until she is a little over a year old. To do this I would need to find a job that allows me to work from home or I'll have to start my own business. I guess we will see what happens!


MoZaic said...

Check with your state to see if they have a list of providers that are prefered. Here in Ohio my stepmom was a prefered home provider for over 10 years until she retired. Those providers are ones who have good clientele reviews, good inspections all the time. Good luck in your search!!