Birthday Fun


Saturday we attended Max's 2nd Birthday Party. My friend Danielle did a great job hosting and the food was delicious. Her boyfriend can cook his butt off. My favorite side dish was an asparagus and mushroom was so flavorful. I definitely plan on trying to recreate it.

Nia had such a great time. I am so happy that she gets along with Max. They did almost everything together. His room is filled with some really exciting was hard pulling Nia away.

Danielle also has a rottweiler puppy and Nia loves animals, she wasn't afraid at all. I met a bunch of new people and Jonathan and I enjoyed getting out.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

Pillsbury Pot Pie?

As a mom with a very active toddler I of course try to stick with meals that are quick and require minimal clean up time. My boyfriend does the best he can to keep Nia occupied but sometimes she refuses to be attached to my hip!

Last week I was sitting down, minding my own business as usual, and a Pillsbury commercial came on that featured Manwich. After picking up my jaw from the floor I went straight to their website to find this recipe Grands Unsloppy Joe. After trying this out and realizing how versatile Grands Biscuits were, I started thinking of what else I could stuff inside of them!

My sister used to make this amazing chicken pot pie that I haven't made in a very long time. I wondered what would happen if i made a "Pillsbury Pot Pie."


1 Can Pillsbury Biscuits
1/2 lb Chicken Breast (Skinless)
1 Can Cream of Chicken
1 Cup Mixed Vegetables

I cut up the chicken breast, lightly seasoned them with salt & pepper. Added a teaspoon of vegetable oil to my skillet, tossed the chicken in. Once the chicken was thoroughly cooked I added the cream of chicken and mixed vegetables. Allowed this to cook on low for about 10 minutes. Preheated the oven to 375. Placed the biscuits on a cookie sheet and flattened them. Placed a few teaspoons of what was in the skillet on top of the flattened biscuits and folded them closed.

I was pleased with the results but I am definitely working on a way to possibly make this better. My mom suggested adding celery and a friend of mine said potatoes as well as mushrooms! I see I have some work to do.

Have you tried anything from the Pillsbury site or plan to?

We Voted!!


This morning I got Nia dressed and we headed out to the polls to vote! I was almost discouraged when I reached an early voting place and they were no longer doing it. However, I stuck to my guns, put Nia back in the car seat and went to the City Clerks office where I registered and we voted there.

I had absolutely no issues and there was no line. Of course the folks working there had a ton of "I Voted" stickers that they gave to Nia.

I hope you all are having a spectacular week thus far!

Work & No Play

A few weeks ago I took on a Supervisor role...just in time for the hectic holiday season! The plus side is, if I survive this then I will be just fine during the regular season. I am pretty bummed out that I won't see my family until after the holidays, but hey sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

We had a pretty interesting Halloween. And when I say interesting I mean, Nia was getting over a cold and she wasn't interested in doing anything. She had a huge meltdown when I got home from work and it was almost impossible to calm her down. At some point she did get herself together and we went to the library.

I miss Nia so much while I'm at work. I love when she gives me a huge hug and lays her head on my shoulder as soon as I come home. Right now we are not in the most ideal situation but we as parents are making it work the best way possible. I know it will pay off sooner or later so for now I try to be grateful for my health and my family.