Teething 101

My little munchkin is going through it!

A few days ago I felt something sharp while she was nibbling on my finger. I couldn't believe it...a tooth! We try to keep her as comfortable as possible and give her teething toys. Sometimes I even put them in the freezer for a few minutes.

A mom in my online playroom suggested an all natural teething oil that she was using for her little one so I ordered it. Originally I planned to get the hylands teething tablets, but out of impulse (and free shipping) I went ahead and bought the Punkin Butt Teething Oil.

As of now her tooth is actually visible. I've been trying to snap better pictures of it but that is almost impossible lol! It is on the bottom left side.

I know there isn't much I can do to completely relieve her of the pain and discomfort but I'm going to try my best to keep her happy!

Getting Back To Business

Currently I am trying to get my little crochet business up and running. I've been trying to work on the marketing aspect so that I can promote myself and generate some sort of income.

As much as I hate talking about this, I've been home since last October because my job let me go. It was a hard pill to swallow at the time because I was about 6 months pregnant, working on my maternity leave with the company and then bam! I've had a job since I was 17. I've even worked 2 & 3 jobs at one time while holding an internship and going to school! To go from having financial security to a fixed income was really hard for me to accept. I have never been fired before either so that definitely hurt my ego.

For about 2 or 3 weeks after that I was on a serious job search because working was really all I was used to. My sister and my boyfriend probably thought I was crazy. They kept telling me to just stop, stay home, relax. All I could think of was making money! "Enjoy this time at home alone, because after the baby comes that's it." This is what my sister told me one day and I finally got the point! She was absolutely right and I'm very grateful that I listened.

There have been many times where I want to go get a job mainly because I don't like SO having to take on all the financial responsibilities alone. I feel like I should help out more. He always tells me that I already have a job that I'm great at right now, taking care of our little one.

Just When I Thought I Was Crazy...

A few weeks ago my fingers started to swell, I was feeling "light movements" in my stomach, headaches daily and not to mention hot flashes! All I could think of was being pregnant! I began to think, "holy crap...another kid right now!? Not the best time. We are moving soon. I'm not ready. WE'RE not ready. What are we going to do!?" A million things went through my mind.

I bought a pregnancy test and as soon as I got inside I took the test IMMEDIATELY. Not Pregnant.

I wasn't convinced though. The test could be wrong right? I called the OBGYN and the nurse on call talked to me on the phone. She said it sounds like I might have high blood pressure and should make an appointment to come in. She also said it could be just the side affects of the IUD. I didn't tell her about the movements I was feeling in my stomach, in fear that she would think I'm crazy, basically. Heck I didn't even mention this to my SO, I'm sure he would look at me like I lost a few marbles.

I tried to explain to the nurse that I was REALLY REALLY thinking I'm pregnant and that I took a home test and it says negative. She told me she highly doubts that I'm pregnant and assured me the at home tests are very accurate! Honestly I was a little annoyed because I was hoping she would say come in and we'll test you just to be sure, but that didn't happen!

A few more days went by and the thought still lingered in my head...these movements in my stomach were NOT helping at all, so I broke down and took ANOTHER at home test. This one took much longer to come back with the results. The first one said negative instantly...this one was just loading and loading and LOADING.

Finally the results popped up, Not Pregnant! I gave the at home test the side eye, and let out a deep sigh. I've been trying to watch my salt intake and drinking a lot more water. The headaches have subsided and the swelling fingers still come and go.

Today I looked in my Google Reader and saw this post: My Secret: A Phantom Baby and I almost spit out my water. (Dramatic, I know!!) I'm so glad that I'm not alone on feeling the movements. I also told my SO a few minutes ago about these feelings and he told me I was crazy and laughed! Psh!

6 Month Stats!

Yesterday Nia went in for her 6 month physical, so I tried to make her hair look fancy and pin it back on both sides.

Usually when we go in she likes to look around and stare at all the stuff hanging on the walls. Not this time. It was as if she knew her immunization shots were coming the moment we stepped foot into the room and waited for the doctor. She screamed during her weigh in, somehow the nurse managed to tell me she was 17lbs and 6oz, 28 inches long. I was too busy trying to keep her calm.

Sometimes when Nia gets frazzled like that it causes me to do the same. I know she will have her days but I can't help it if her fits affect me that way. I try to rush and get things over with so I can make her happy again!

The doctor came in shortly after to check her eyes, ears, mouth, the usual and again Nia screamed bloody murder!! All I could think about was when she gets the shots...how was that madness going to play out!

Well went the same way, lots of screaming. Here she is after all the crying.

She didn't want to be my friend, haha and decided to hang out with dad.

Poor baby. I'm glad we got it over with, probably not as much as she is.

6 Months Old!

24 weeks ago I went into labor and gave birth to an amazing little girl.

It honestly feels like just yesterday we were packing up from the hospital and heading home. I couldn't believe I was a mom and that this little person depends on us to provide, protect, nurture and love her.

Time has flown by so fast and I'm doing my best to cherish and embrace each day! The first few weeks were definitely a challenge, a lot of worrying and little sleep. Of course we still worry but sleeping has improved tremendously!

I love looking at past pictures of her to see how much she has grown. Jonathan said that it makes him sad because she's not so little anymore. (Dad's princess is growing up so fast.) We look forward to the next 6 months and can't wait to add more milestones to the list!

Nia's Milestones
2/10/11 - Birth
2/14/11 - 1st Time Home
2/15/11 - 1st Doctors Visit
2/16/11 - 1st Bath
3/20/11 - 1st Smile
5/ 12/11 - 1st Train Ride
5/19/11 - 1st Time Rolling Over
6/8/11 - 1st Time Sitting On Her Own
6/10/11 - 1st Plane Ride
7/11/11 - Started Solids
8/1/11 - Started saying "va-va-va"

Happy 1/2 Birthday Nia!!

Get Back On Track!!

In my previous post I listed the things I'd like to accomplish and do. While I'd like to complete these things this week I have to be real with myself, it will not happen. Being home all day with an active 5 month old can be really draining and I find myself trying to eat, clean and maybe once a week nap when I can. I'm hoping to use whatever free time I have now to do the things I really want/need to do.

Prenatal Vitamins - During my pregnancy and a few months after, I was taking prenatal vitamins religiously. Now I don't take them at all and I'm not proud of it. So tomorrow, I will begin doing it and I plan to set a reminder in my phone.

Natural Hair - Since last summer I've had some type of braid extensions going on with my hair. 2 weeks ago I decided to kick them to the curb because I need to learn how to manage my hair a lot better. B.N. (Before Nia), I took pride in my hair and I made sure it was awesome at all times. So I vow to dedicate one day, every two weeks in doing my hair.

Eating Healthier - The past 3 weeks I've been dealing with crazy headaches and swollen fingers. Today I called the doctors office and they want me to come in to get my blood pressure checked. I was told to try to drink more water and watch my sodium intake. The nurse told me it could either be a side effect of the Mirena or I might have high blood pressure.

I'm hoping to use whatever free time I have now to do the things I really want/need to do.

Quick Recap

This post is going to be really short because Nia is having a rough day. I think she has a little cold and it's making her super cranky.

Last Wednesday my mom came to visit for a few days. She loves Boston, but she she doesn't like walking so we rented a car. There was a lot of eating out and a ton of shopping, for Nia that is.

Below I've jotted down a few things I'd like to try and accomplish this week or just in general.

To Do:
Sort Nia's clothes by size
Increase my water intake (swelling fingers)
Try to exercise twice a week
Research engaging music for Nia
Go see early screening of Harry Potter (bringing Nia along)
Make Amazon Purchase (wipes, teething toy, teething tablets)