Work & No Play

A few weeks ago I took on a Supervisor role...just in time for the hectic holiday season! The plus side is, if I survive this then I will be just fine during the regular season. I am pretty bummed out that I won't see my family until after the holidays, but hey sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

We had a pretty interesting Halloween. And when I say interesting I mean, Nia was getting over a cold and she wasn't interested in doing anything. She had a huge meltdown when I got home from work and it was almost impossible to calm her down. At some point she did get herself together and we went to the library.

I miss Nia so much while I'm at work. I love when she gives me a huge hug and lays her head on my shoulder as soon as I come home. Right now we are not in the most ideal situation but we as parents are making it work the best way possible. I know it will pay off sooner or later so for now I try to be grateful for my health and my family.