Still Settling In


This is our first day in Chicago

We have been in Chicago for about 10 days and I am still tired!! We are still organizing some of our stuff and getting rid of our moving boxes but we are making progress!! I follow quite a few Chicagoans on twitter and I am looking forward to meeting some of them while we are living here. I joined a young moms group in my area and I can't wait to go to some meetups. I love meeting new people and making friends so I'm definitely excited for that.

Yay finally no more plane!

Halloween is coming up and I was originally planning to buy Nia a costume, but I think I may try a DIY costume. The meetup group I joined is having a little gathering in the afternoon on the 30th, the kids will be dressed up, there will be snacks and such, so I 'm looking forward to that.

Running some errands w/ Violet the dog

I've been trying to figure out what kind of styles to do with Nia's hair. I usually don't refer to the hair type system, but her hair texture is like a 3C. Its thick, but very curly and soft. I've tried to braid it but it just unravels and she usually puts her hands in her hair when she's sleepy. I might write in to one of my favorite kids blogs and see if people have suggestions! Nia doesn't sleep on her stomach so it also makes it impossible for me to do her hair while she is sleeping (everyone suggests this).

Little diva after her bath & my attempt to do her hair last night!

My younger sister is coming to visit for Thanksgiving...I am so happy about that. When I was living out here a few years ago she came to visit and she loved Chicago! Her plan is to visit us every major holiday! Hopefully we can find affordable flights because flying from NY to Chicago costs a fortune!

I hope everyone is having an awesome day!!


Mama Violet said...

Such a cutie! Can't wait to see the costume.

I recently cut out V's locs and discovered pigtails are the way to go when I want to do something "fancy". Mostly she's just sporting a Don King hairdo. She will most likely end up with freeform locs again.

amy@agoodlife said...

glad you guys are starting to make some progress in your new town! i am jealous, i would love to visit chicago!