MIA - Minor Updates

So I've been MIA these past few weeks because I am honestly dealing with some personal situations. For the moment I'm back on the East Coast dealing with some family stuff and I'll probably return to the Midwest very soon.

I'm working on some business cards for my etsy shop and I'm trying to improve my advertising. If any of you gals know of where I could advertise or have any suggestions please let me know!

Nia is doing great her 9 month appointment is approaching fast I can't believe it. I need to update her milestones timeline because she is crawling, standing, cruising and attempting to stand on her own. I'm still anxiously awaiting the "mama" or "dada" but I'm secretly hoping she holds off on milestones until we get back to Chicago lol so dad doesn't miss anything!

In any event I'm beyond tired and I hope everyone is doing very well! Happy Halloween to those who are planning to partake in it!