Overdue Update


This is just going to be a quick recap because with this active toddler, computer time is almost impossible!

  • My mom became very independent and was walking with her prosthetic leg while using a cane. She also returned back to work.
  • We moved back to Chicago due to SOs father being very sick and we are living with his family.

  • We bought a car.
  • I got a job, after being at home for 2 years!!
  • Nia is in and out of daycare lol, that's another story. 

We are in the process of our insurance changing and hopefully we can make an 18 month appointment this upcoming week.  I cannot wait until we save up more money so we can get our own place. I am very grateful to have family that we can live with, but I'm used to having my own space. The last year has been up and down, with absolutely no stability and we are very anxious to get back on our own two feet. I know we have to be patient and smart, but at times I want to say to hell with it all!!! Haha. 

This weekend we went to the Shedd Aquarium and had an awesome time. I always try to look for free or very affordable activities to do in and around the city.

Those are just a few photos we took today. I hope you all had a great weekend!


Windy City Mama said...

Welcome back to the land of blog! Nia is so adorable and you have to do a tutorial about her hair routine. It's so pretty.

Hopefully I'll be seeing you again soon in real life!