Hello everyone!!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted in so long...again! My mom was hospitalized on Nov 6th due to an infection related to her diabetes. She had to undergo 3 surgeries all in one week to remove the infection which was located in her left foot. She was recently moved to a nursing facility for the rehabilitation part of her recovery. The doctor said it can be 2-3 months for her healing process and for her to be comfortable with walking again.

I am SUPPOSED to be heading back to Chicago at the end of this month. I know my better half misses his girls and we miss him too. He is very understanding of this situation even though it's sort of putting us both in such a blah mood. I have to make sure my mom is ok and he definitely gets that.

Although I'd like to SAY I'll be back at the end of the month, it's not certain. I've been taking care of my moms bills, making sure her car is ok, sneaking her things she probably shouldn't be eating every now and then. You name it...I've been doing it. In all honesty its been very difficult doing this stuff plus taking care of a little baby..but I'm doing my best.

After losing my dad back in 06 I had a lot of regrets. I didn't visit him as much as I wanted to and even the day before he passed I wanted to visit him and I didn't. So that still takes a huge toll on my heart. My mom is at the same nursing center where he was last and I try to go see her EVERYDAY...sometimes even TWICE a day. Tomorrow is never promised.

On a more positive note Nia had her first little photo session yesterday at Sears. I'm so glad my sister came because she got Nia to really smile!! Here we are BEFORE the shoot:

She wore 2 outfits, one a little fancy and the second was more dressy casual! Here's a sneak peek:

In case I am unable to post again for a few weeks...Happy Holidays!!