I haven't posted in MONTHS. My mom was in the hospital from November up until February. The month of December she was in ICU for complications that I'm not going to share because I'm not sure if she wants me to. She isn't even ready to talk about what happened and I completely respect that.

I am currently her caretaker during her recovery process. My boyfriend came out here in the middle of December and he's helping me at so much. A lot of things are still up in the air...as our belongings are in Chicago and we are not.

In any event, Nia has grown SO MUCH. She has been walking since January, now she's trying to run! She loves saying NO, dad, mom, CAT, hi...and her newest word BYE! We are really trying to teach her about not getting physical when she's upset. When she doesn't get what she wants she will hit either myself or dad.

I'll try to upload a few photos of her on Sunday! Hope you all are well.