Getting Back To Business

Currently I am trying to get my little crochet business up and running. I've been trying to work on the marketing aspect so that I can promote myself and generate some sort of income.

As much as I hate talking about this, I've been home since last October because my job let me go. It was a hard pill to swallow at the time because I was about 6 months pregnant, working on my maternity leave with the company and then bam! I've had a job since I was 17. I've even worked 2 & 3 jobs at one time while holding an internship and going to school! To go from having financial security to a fixed income was really hard for me to accept. I have never been fired before either so that definitely hurt my ego.

For about 2 or 3 weeks after that I was on a serious job search because working was really all I was used to. My sister and my boyfriend probably thought I was crazy. They kept telling me to just stop, stay home, relax. All I could think of was making money! "Enjoy this time at home alone, because after the baby comes that's it." This is what my sister told me one day and I finally got the point! She was absolutely right and I'm very grateful that I listened.

There have been many times where I want to go get a job mainly because I don't like SO having to take on all the financial responsibilities alone. I feel like I should help out more. He always tells me that I already have a job that I'm great at right now, taking care of our little one.


Mommy Glow said...

Hello, fellow Bostonian here. I'm sorry that you lost your job last year, I'm sure it was tough, espcially being pregnant. But your partner/spouse seems to be really supportive of you. And while your not out working in an office, you are home raising your beautiful child, and that is wonderful. Is this going to be your life forever? Probably not, and I hope you take that into consideration. This isn't going to be how it is forever, and right now you have the opportunity to stay with your daughter, to watch her grow and learn, and be her Teacher. Now thats a wonderful thing!