6 Month Stats!

Yesterday Nia went in for her 6 month physical, so I tried to make her hair look fancy and pin it back on both sides.

Usually when we go in she likes to look around and stare at all the stuff hanging on the walls. Not this time. It was as if she knew her immunization shots were coming the moment we stepped foot into the room and waited for the doctor. She screamed during her weigh in, somehow the nurse managed to tell me she was 17lbs and 6oz, 28 inches long. I was too busy trying to keep her calm.

Sometimes when Nia gets frazzled like that it causes me to do the same. I know she will have her days but I can't help it if her fits affect me that way. I try to rush and get things over with so I can make her happy again!

The doctor came in shortly after to check her eyes, ears, mouth, the usual and again Nia screamed bloody murder!! All I could think about was when she gets the shots...how was that madness going to play out!

Well went the same way, lots of screaming. Here she is after all the crying.

She didn't want to be my friend, haha and decided to hang out with dad.

Poor baby. I'm glad we got it over with, probably not as much as she is.


T.I.P. of the Iceburg said...

that pin up style on nia is so cute!

and look at her w those big bag of chips ahoy awww