Get Back On Track!!

In my previous post I listed the things I'd like to accomplish and do. While I'd like to complete these things this week I have to be real with myself, it will not happen. Being home all day with an active 5 month old can be really draining and I find myself trying to eat, clean and maybe once a week nap when I can. I'm hoping to use whatever free time I have now to do the things I really want/need to do.

Prenatal Vitamins - During my pregnancy and a few months after, I was taking prenatal vitamins religiously. Now I don't take them at all and I'm not proud of it. So tomorrow, I will begin doing it and I plan to set a reminder in my phone.

Natural Hair - Since last summer I've had some type of braid extensions going on with my hair. 2 weeks ago I decided to kick them to the curb because I need to learn how to manage my hair a lot better. B.N. (Before Nia), I took pride in my hair and I made sure it was awesome at all times. So I vow to dedicate one day, every two weeks in doing my hair.

Eating Healthier - The past 3 weeks I've been dealing with crazy headaches and swollen fingers. Today I called the doctors office and they want me to come in to get my blood pressure checked. I was told to try to drink more water and watch my sodium intake. The nurse told me it could either be a side effect of the Mirena or I might have high blood pressure.

I'm hoping to use whatever free time I have now to do the things I really want/need to do.


Carla said...

I remember you from your old blog (I can't remember the name) but congrats on your little bundle of joy! She is adorable.

I think I may have a problem with my blood pressure as well. I'm not sure if it's too high or too low, but from time to time, when I get up, I usually feel dizzy, which I know can't be good. I guess it's time for a physical.