Just When I Thought I Was Crazy...

A few weeks ago my fingers started to swell, I was feeling "light movements" in my stomach, headaches daily and not to mention hot flashes! All I could think of was being pregnant! I began to think, "holy crap...another kid right now!? Not the best time. We are moving soon. I'm not ready. WE'RE not ready. What are we going to do!?" A million things went through my mind.

I bought a pregnancy test and as soon as I got inside I took the test IMMEDIATELY. Not Pregnant.

I wasn't convinced though. The test could be wrong right? I called the OBGYN and the nurse on call talked to me on the phone. She said it sounds like I might have high blood pressure and should make an appointment to come in. She also said it could be just the side affects of the IUD. I didn't tell her about the movements I was feeling in my stomach, in fear that she would think I'm crazy, basically. Heck I didn't even mention this to my SO, I'm sure he would look at me like I lost a few marbles.

I tried to explain to the nurse that I was REALLY REALLY thinking I'm pregnant and that I took a home test and it says negative. She told me she highly doubts that I'm pregnant and assured me the at home tests are very accurate! Honestly I was a little annoyed because I was hoping she would say come in and we'll test you just to be sure, but that didn't happen!

A few more days went by and the thought still lingered in my head...these movements in my stomach were NOT helping at all, so I broke down and took ANOTHER at home test. This one took much longer to come back with the results. The first one said negative instantly...this one was just loading and loading and LOADING.

Finally the results popped up, Not Pregnant! I gave the at home test the side eye, and let out a deep sigh. I've been trying to watch my salt intake and drinking a lot more water. The headaches have subsided and the swelling fingers still come and go.

Today I looked in my Google Reader and saw this post: My Secret: A Phantom Baby and I almost spit out my water. (Dramatic, I know!!) I'm so glad that I'm not alone on feeling the movements. I also told my SO a few minutes ago about these feelings and he told me I was crazy and laughed! Psh!


Brenda said...

I can't relate to phantom kicks but let me tell you, I had endless negatives tests before getting a positive test. I was 7 weeks pregnant when I finally got that little plus sign.

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

I would totally have them give me a pregnancy test -- just to be sure. You don't want any surprises a few weeks down the line once you get out of the whole "Phew, glad I'm not preggo" mindset.